Dr S V Hiremath

Dr S V Hiremath

Ayurvedic consultation, TC trust's Hubli

Currently employed at TC trust's Hubli



    Spl treatment available for wait gain/loss, Diabetes, Paralysis, sex problems Impotence, Mail/Female Infertility, white discharge, Gynecological disorders .& all types skincare treatment psoriasis licoderma ect and RA, ect We are doing customised treatment for individuals patients according to ht,wt, bmi, bmr,bfp,wth, lab investigation and prakruti guna lakshan ect we are preparing spl medicine for individuals patients



At TC trust's Hubli

From June 2004 to Present
Treat 1000 wait gain patients happy More than 800 waitloss White discharge 600 patients (only 7 days treatment) Paralysis 100 patients ect


  • We are doing customised treatment for individuals