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Rajendra Prasad Bhatt

Production manager, voith paper fabrics india Ltd,Faridabad

Faridabad | India

  • Current job title: Textile Consultant Consultant in Textile and designing/weaving expert
  • Previous job title:Production manager/sr.manager,wvg.packing,seamingVoith paper fabrics india Ltd,Faridabad


I have about 40 years experience in Textile line starting from raw material to finished stage.I am fully conversant with all processes and its activities in weaving section.Apart from processes I am expert in Designing,production planning,Quality control and maintenance.I have experience in Felt ...

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Purushottam Gudi

Textile Consultant, DyStar India Pvt Ltd


  • Current job title:Textile ConsultantDyStar India Pvt Ltd
  • Previous job title:Textile ConsultantDyStar India Pvt Ltd

widely traveled on all India basis to develop customers in processing of wool/ Nylon/ silk / Acrylic and Polyester and blend of all other fibres Developed Nepal for acid dyes Developed UAE and KSA customers Trained in Ludwigshaffen Member of SDC and AATCC Pool training at Singapore and Tha...

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Neelakantan Subramanian

Freelance, Morarjee Textiles

Mumbai | India

  • Current job title:Textile ConsultantMorarjee Textiles



Hyderabad,india | India

  • Current job title:TEXTILE CONSULTANTOn my own

Shrikant Gadge

textile consultant, Freelance

Nagpur | India

  • Current job title:Textile consultantFreelance

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