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Dr.G Satyanarayana


Hyderabad | India

  • Current job title:GM- QA/RAAPI
  • Previous job title:Manager - qc/qa/ra/ar&d/productionXxxxx

visit my web : www.pharmaconsultancy.in Reg Dr.Satya

29 contacts

Sasi Kala


Coimbatore | India

  • Current job title:AccountantXXXXX
  • Previous job title:A/C DeptXXXXXXXXX


6 contacts

Anil Dawar

Xxx, xxxxx

Karnal | India

  • Current job title:XxxXxxxx

13 contacts

Swapna Chepuri

xxxx, xxxxx

Madras | India

  • Current job title:XxxxxXxxxx
  • Previous job title:XxxxXxxxx

10 contacts

Mousumi Banerjee

Educational Coordinator, XXXXX

Delhi | India

  • Current job title:Educational CoordinatorXXXXX

Center managaement as center head.

Rajkumar Sharma

Xxxxx, xxxxx

Xxxxx | India

  • Current job title:XxxxxXxxxx

Jaya Mary

Human Resource, xxxxx

Hyderabad | India

  • Current job title:Human ResourceXxxxx

Binu Basheer

sales, xxxxx

Dubai | India

  • Current job title:salesxxxxx


Sr. Process Engg., xxxxx

Pune | India

  • Current job title:Sr. Process Engg.Xxxxx

Sandip Tandulkar

design engineer, xxxxx

Delhi | India

  • Current job title:Design engineerXxxxx

9 contacts

Shakul Mohammed

xxxx, xxxxx

Hyderabad | India

  • Current job title:XxxxXxxxx

Kanthi Rekha

hr, xxxxx

Delhi | India

  • Current job title:HrXxxxx

2 contacts

Rajanikanth Reddyvari

Xyxt, Xxxxx

Pune | India

  • Current job title:XyxtXxxxx

Neerja B.

Instructional Designer,Content Developer , Reviewer, K10domain, Science-Maths

Faridabad | India

  • Current job title:XxxxxXxxxx


I have been associated with school education since last 2 decades in different capacities. i started as a class room teacher for science and maths and was actively involved in setting up and developing of school systems. I went on to become Examination Incharge, Academic coordinator and Vice-Prin...

Ramakrishna Gorantla

Xxxxx, xxxxx

Hyd | India

  • Current job title:XxxxxXxxxx

Bulbul Kumar Gohain

Manager, xxxxx


  • Current job title:ManagerXxxxx

Nalini Mohan

Freelance, xxxxx

Bangalore | India

  • Current job title:GmXxxxx
  • Previous job title:GmXxxxx

Reserve Myname

Xxx, Xxxxx

Bangalore | India

  • Current job title:XxxXxxxx


Design and Development Engineer, xxxxx

New Delhi | India

  • Current job title:Design and Development EngineerXxxxx

2 contacts

Subbu Foru

Eng, xxxxx

Hyd | India

  • Current job title:EngXxxxx

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