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Zeeshan Asad


Bangalore | India

  • Current job title:SALESDEW DROPS

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Manpreet Kaur

Therapist, Dew Drops Therapy Centre

Karampura | India

  • Current job title:Special educatorSchools & NGO's
  • Previous job title:TherapistDew Drops Therapy Centre


Myself Manpreet Kaur I am a Special Educator Currently working with Dew drops Therapy Centre as a Therapist From May 2010. I am teaching Children with Mental-Retardation, Autism, Cerebral Palcy, Learning Disabilities and Slow Learners. Currently looking for a better job Matching my Profile... I a...

Shanthi Reddy

Proprietor, dew drops

Hyderabad | India

  • Current job title:ProprietorDew drops

Pravin Jain

General manager, dew drops

New Delhi | India

  • Current job title:General managerDew drops

Sudhir Sharma

wedding planner, dew drops

Delhi | India

  • Current job title:Wedding plannerDew drops

Pravin Jain

manager, dew drops resort

Nasik | India

  • Current job title:ManagerDew drops resort

Zeeshan Asad



  • Current job title:EXCUTIVEDEW DROPS

Sukeeth L.

General Manager, Dew Drops


  • Current job title:General ManagerDew Drops

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