Yeshavant Nevrekar

Yeshavant Nevrekar

President, 'Body Cares Club' & 'Ideal Diet Club'

Studying at Vidhyamandir Kokisare & Mumbai University


Currently employed at Ideal Diet Club

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    1. I am 70 year old. I worked in Indian Army During 1963-67 and thereafter, for 30 years in Air India. 2. After my retirement, I studied, Yoga, Ayurveda & Blood-type Diet & Wellness Methods that help to - Prevent, Control, Cures - over 150 possible Human Ailments & Diseases. I am in the process of forming 'Body Cares Club' & 'Ideal Diet Club'. 3. My Book 'Ideal Guide for the Healthy Life' is under print. 4. I lecture and Teach 'Health Improving Methods', based on 6000 years Old 'Ayurvedical Systems' and 'Blood-Type Diet'. 5. My lecture on the subject ' Health is Wealth' give full details and guidelines to enjoy Healthy Life. 6. I look for opportunity to lecture in various Group Programs.



Vidhyamandir Kokisare & Mumbai University, Mumbai

B.A. M.A. IN ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE., Vidhyamandir Kokisare & Mumbai University

From June 1950 to Present
Economics, Political Science & Personnel Management. - 1. Worked in Indian Army for about 5 years and had been trained there in various fields. 2. Worked 27years in International Airlines and undergone various Airline Training Courses. 3. Studied Ayurveda, Yoga & Wellness Methods that help to ...
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At Ideal Diet Club



At President, Body Cares Club & Ideal Diet Club

From 1995 to 2011
To organise and form 'Health Cares Clubs' to guide and improve Health and Life of people at large


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  • Improving Health & Life of each individual through 6000 years old Ayurvedical Methods & Blood-type Diet.