Syed Naiyer shakil

Syed Naiyer shakil

assistant divisional engineer as gazzeted officer, I started my carier as PWay e

Currently employed at Indian Railways

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    i m basically a mech engineer from UP but worked as civil engineer after taken training from rly training centre Udaipur .I have cleared LGS for Gazzeted civil engineer in the year 2004 now I m working as ADSO in ADI DIV. I m Running 50 having two kids . Son Ahmer is doing from Bharti Vidhya Peeth PUNE. My family Stays at Mehsana and due to my posting Istay aaat Ahmedabad alone.I m doing social work i m having good knowledge of naturopathy and Unani Medicine. I m having my fans all over World.I m doing faith healing free of cost. I love Cats as pets,My wife runs Spoken english classes and MIND POWER training Institute As Future Vision Institute of ENGLISH Visnagar road Mehsana Gujrat. I love singinging old songs .Enjoy cooking. I m a moderate muslim. me and my family do not watch TV . I like young people as friends because they are full of Life more confident and bubbling with Enregy I hate back biters and leg pullers.I like Indra gandhi,Rajeev Gandhi,Rahul Gandhi I admire Shri Manmohan Singh. I feel sorry when I saw wastage of of Food grain in FCI Godowns.Wastage of water,poor people on roads,Law n order detoriation.Immoral practices in public life.role of police during comunal disturbances.



Assistant divisional engineer as gazzeted officer

At I started my carier as PWay engineer in Rajkot division w rly

From 2004 to 2008
I worked as civil engineer in westren railway since 1981 to 2008 now I am working as Safety officer in western Railway. interesting thing is this I am basicaly a Mech.Engineer but very sucessessfully I worked as civil engineer Now I can do any damn thing any task


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