Sr. General Manager, Reliance Industries Limited

Hoshiarpur, India

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His skills

  • General manager
  • Manager

His hobbies

To work in manufacturing division/Quality Control/technical/marketing

His keywords

vice president/Astt. General Manager

About him

32 years experience of manufacturing POLYESTER STAPLE FIBRE (During working with M/s J.K. Synthetics, I got the opportunity of working in Acrylic Staple Fibre plant also as downstream process of Polyester and Acrylic is almost similar)

• continuous polymerization,
• chips fed system (extruder spinning)

This includes experience of POLYESTER FIBRE FILL (PFF) through

• PET bottles recycling,
• Jet quenched 3D conjugate type fibre fill.

The above experience also includes commissioning, start-up & stabilization of all processes.

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Recent contacts
Murtaza Hamidi
Shesh Gupta
  • Sr. General Manager, Reliance Industries LImited
Mukesh Mandora
  • Manager(Sales & Marketing), Alexandria Fibers Company(Aditya Birla Group)