Samir Naskar

Director, Central Tuber Crops research Institute,Trivandrum

Calcutta, India

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His background

  • Today
    December 2008


    Central Tuber Crops research Institute,Trivandrum

    Providing root and tuber crops oriented R&D in india , managing a premier Institue on root and tuber crops, research coordination,budgeting,finance,administration,
    developement and transfer of technologies, consultancy,reseach project lead and associate, product developement,infrastructure developement,Recruitment,liaisoning with farmer,industry,Universities,govt line dept.,national and international institutions related to R&D on agriculture,NGO,
    Developement of R&D lab for tissue culture,genetic transformation,bioinfomatics,food processing and capacity building,seed and planting material production of tuber crops.NEH and tribal area programmes.

    Intensified reseach on developement tuber crops varieties,farming sysrem,organic farming,value addition,resistance breeding and mangement of biotic and abiotic stresses ,genetic resources,quality seed and planting material and transfer of technologies to end users,enhaced collaboration with cgiar organizations and icar sister institutes ans SAUs ,govt R&d institutions
    Lead management of genetic resources and EU sponsored project "Adapting clonally propagatedcrops toclimatic and commercial changes.
    Associated with world cassava programme,asian net work on sweet potato genenetic resources,International network on edible aroids.
    Signed MOU and research contact with industry
    COordinated AICRP on tuber crops,
    organized /co-ordinated winter school,/summer school/seminar/symposium ans facilation phD progammes

  • Today
    December 2008
    February 1998


    CTCRI Regional Centre,Bhubaneswar

  • Today
    January 1998
    June 1981

    Prinjcipal scientist/senior scientist (plant breeding)

    CTCRI Regional Centre,Bhubaneswar

    Breeding on sweet potato , aroids and cassava
    Breeding for yied,quality for multiple uses
    Resistance breeding for diseases and pests
    Management of genetic resources for different tuber crops
    Evaluation and valuation of genetic resources
    participatory breeding
    tissue culture
    Seed and planting material production
    Transfer of technology
    Lead in 10 projects on breeding,genetic resources,livelihood
    and nutrition security

    Ten vrieties devveloped,,more than 200 elite lines developed
    mconerve,and evaluate more than 1000 accessions of different tuber crops,trasfer technologies to tribal,hilly and plain area including NEH region,trained farmers students and others on tuber crops technology,guided 2 PhD student.
    Organizes and partcipated seminar and symp. national and international
    associated with sweet potato genetic resources net work
    partcipated cassva evaluation trial with CIAT.
    collaborative technology developement with national R&D organization
  • Today

    Former Director


  • Calcutta University

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About him

MSc-(Ag) In Agricultural Botany
specialization in genetics and plant breeding
University of Calcutta
PhD (Ag) in Agricultural Botany
Thesis: genetical studies in Sunflower(Helianthus)
University of calcutta,1980.
Training at Institute of Tropical Agriculture Karl Marx University,Germany,1990
Post Doctoral Studies at NICS,Sweet Potato breeding laboratory,Tsukuba,Japan,2000
Director,Central Tuber crops institute under Indian council Of Agricultural Research,new Delhi
Agricultural Research Service ,Plant breeding Since 1978
Plant breeder,Tropical Tuber Crops (cassava,sweet potato,aroids,yam,yambean),Research manager,Administration,Research co-ordination,Liansoning with national and international Institute/organization,
mutation breeding,population genetics,develope many varieties of sweet potato,cassava,yam,colocasia and yambeantissue culture,Livelyhood securityand nutitional security,management of genetic resources,institute research project ,national and international projects,rapid seed and planting material production,transfer of technology,HRD,development of infrastructure facilities,lab etc,organization of seminar sympetc,participation in national anternational seminar,dialogue,worked with international potato center,ciat and iita ,guided students for PhD,MSc.,published many research paper book chapters,
Associated with global cassava improvement program,Asian sweet potato genetic networks,International edible aroids.

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  • Coordinador-Fortalecimiento de Capacidades y Gestión del Tecnologías-Cambio Climátic, Ministerio del Ambiente
Ramanatha Rao