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    Randawa Translation founded by Pardeep K Randawa in 2010, is an emerging leader in the translation and content localization service provider, Randawa Translation is a privately held Translation Agency located in India.Today, translation services are essential to the successful operation of businesses of every size in the global market place. We pride ourselves on our streamlined work practices which offer a value for money leading us to expand our customer base worldwide. Our main objective is to develop and sustain positive customer relationships. Our translators are all Native Speakers of the target language with proven experience in translating every type of material. Our team has solid professional backgrounds in a variety of fields, including Oil and Gas, Biotechnology, Data Communication, Telephony, Engineering, Healthcare Products, Network Management, Optics, Semiconductors, Medical Devices, Programming, Databases, Data Encryption, Financial Software, Legal Contracts and Others. Since we are working for 24x7, we can communicate with all our global clients during their business hours so that the valued customers can make optimum use of our services. Today, we provide services in Asian and European languages worldwide. We can handle translation Proofreading, Interpretation and localization projects of all Kinds and sizes. Our unique management approach ensures that the same translators are available to work with you from one project to the next. This provides project continuity and greatly reduces the learning curve, saving your time and money.When you need extra resources for a special project we provide reinforcements. Using our custom-designed database, we track each project carefully to ensure that we adhere to our scheduling and budget commitments on every project.In line with our commitment to delivering exceptional client service, we carefully match our each resource translator in accordance with the demand of the project. We have great respect for the field of translation, and we are sure that the qualified and highly professional work of the specialized translators will never be completely replaced by machines. However, intelligent technology can make them significantly more efficient.The professional background and education of the selected resource always ensure expertise, precision and accuracy which are our foremost priority to ensure clients’ satisfaction. Randawa Translations Company strictly observes the code of Professional Ethics and Business Conduct and does not disclose confidential information to third parties.



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