Nitin Nerkar

Nitin Nerkar

Motivational and Inspirational speaker and writer

Currently employed at Redington India Ltd

Previous: Xerox, Hindustan Computers LTD



    Dear, I send personalised emails to interested people,If you want to subscribe, please provide your information as below. Your First name to address by me:- Preferable email id:- Your Birthday and Month:- Mobile number (Optional):- Motivation starts with you! As you aspire to be more successful in life, your attitude towards yourself and others will play a huge role. Positive people learn how to handle life's challenges differently and use these opportunities to grow. So can you! Everyone wants a better LIFE and if you are constantly working on self-improvement, you will develop more self-confidence, better self-esteem and greater internal motivation. When you learn the secrets of teamwork and leadership, interpersonal communication skills and service, you can apply them to all aspects of your daily life. _________________________________________________________________ It is common, that lot of people write/tell me about how miserable their life is. They repeat their endless stories of strained married relationship, relationship with colleagues, boss, not happy with job or salaries and hence less happiness in their day today life affairs. Few of them ask me, who gave your email id or what benefit I derive out of this activity of sending good, meaningful and informative contents to you? And the prominent question people ask, When do the good things start in their life? ________________________________________________________________ Moreover, it is extremely difficult to carryout above activities in our day-to-day fast, hectic lifestyle. We are out of our house for good 12 hours or busy in our work. What we read in newspaper or Idiot box--Television is nothing but politics, rape, murder, theft, blasts, Sas-Bahu saga, serials on extra marital affairs or pre planned comedy show. I mean “None of the IMPORTANT things’’ those will be useful for our progress and betterment of our dear family. "Then who will help an individual and support on above activities?" “Main Hoon Na”, I am available for you on mails and my mobile-- 9987040908. Nitin Nerkar Mobile number—9987040908



Regional Manager

At Redington India Ltd

From 2003 to Present
Manage West Region for Customer Support


At Xerox

From 1987 to 2003
Engineer, Technical Specialist. Manager Customer Support. Senior Manager. Franchisee.


At Hindustan Computers LTD

From 1986 to 1987
Repair and Install of Computers


  • Manager
  • Motivation

Centres d'intérêt

  • 9987040908
  • I provide counselling either face to face or through Skype--nitin.nerkar
  • Solve problems of needy people who are depressed.