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    Blue Mushroom focuses and specializes in In flight and Airport promotions. Our zeal to explore more and enthusiasm to deliver better makes us first choice in our category. We at Blue Mushroom aggregate effective channels of communication much needed by advertisers to reach their target audience optimally. These channels are based on the theme of engaging the captive audience resulting in high recall of the advertisers’ brand. Our channels boost recall by providing a window of clutter free environment with increased time of exposure to the advertiser. No one knows the airline advertising industry better than Blue Mushroom. And we continue exploring airline traveler’s demographics and creating new and innovative channels for the benefit of our clients. Every advertisers has a its own particular way and style of communication. Some are aggressive where as some are subtle. Some wants to reach out to the maximum number of people where as some focuses on engaging less and converting more. Our media architect team and market research team helps them achieving their goals efficiently without wasting a single penny. Wait for our new range of promotional channels which we will launch soon – “BLU Media”. Another whole new and exciting set of media weapons to engage consumers. Regards:





From February 2010 to Present


  • Airport Lounge promotion
  • AIrport promotion
  • Aviation Adevrtising

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