Narasimha Mudakatte

Narasimha Mudakatte

Global Independent Representative, QNet

Currently employed at QNet


Previous: Indian Military Academy, National Defence Academy



    Served 32 years in the Army.Retired as a Colonel. Served 4 years in the Corporate as a CEO in an Import Export Multinational. Now an Entrepreneur in the verticals of Vacations and Wellness. In the vertical of Vacations,i share my experience of having an Exclusive Club Membership at rock bottom prices in 165 countries the world over including India at 3000 locations all in the 4 and 5 star category.It is about having a dream vacation. In the vertical of Wellness,i share a revolutionary concept of " Preventing a disease/ailment is better than waiting for a disease/ailment to strike you and then taking recourse to treatment ".It is all about following a practical discipline rather than a technique oriented or impractical one. I enjoy the above and look forward to sharing with as many people as i can so that they can benefit from practical Wellness and quality Vacations which are great stress busters.Look forward to seeing you soon....Regards.



Global Independent Representative

At QNet

From 2008 to Present

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