Manoharan Sivasankaran

Vice President, Cethar Electrical Limited

Chennai, India

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His background

  • Today
    July 2011

    Vice President

    Cethar Electrical Limited

    Erection and commissioning of 2x135MW power plants at Aryan coal, Chhattisgargh from 25-7-2011 to 5-3-2012.
    Heading Engineering and procurement from 6-3-12 to till date. Presently working for 4x300MW, SKS power project at Chhattisgargh. Coordinating EBOP through ABB, Alstom and BHEL, Bhopal.
  • Today
    July 2011
    January 1977

    Additional General Manager

    Welding Research Institute, BHEL, Trichy

    Carried out R&D in Electron Beam Welding, LASER welding, MIAB Welding, Resistance Welding and other arc welding processes. Performance Evaluation of arc Welding power sources, Maintenance of all types of equipments and facilities, Development of special purpose machineries for welding, safety, taking care of statutory requirements. Carried out Collaborative research projects with International institutes of repute in welding, particularly from Germany, Ukraine, France, UK and Japan. Carried out funded Research Projects in welding. Funding received from Govt of India, UNIDO/UNDP, GTZ, JICA etc. and funding received from private industries in India. Carried out training of welders, welding supervisors and engineers from various industries in welding from India and abroad.

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About him

I am Dr.S.Manoharan.
BE EEE, from AC College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi, Madurai University, 1975.
ME, High Voltage Engineering, Anna University, 1979,
Ph.D, Electrical Engineering, REC, Trichy, Bharathidasan University, 1996.
Carried out Welding Research and development at Welding Research Institute, BHEL, Trichy from Jan, 1977 to July, 2011. Resigned from WRI as AGM, WRI. Joined Cethar Electricals Limited from 15,July, 2011. Workign as Vice President, CEL, Trichy till now. At Cethar, carried out erection and commissioning of 2x135 MW power plant at Aryan Coal, Chhattisgargh, during 2011-2012.