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Karuna Moorthy

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    We V.Karunamoorthy & my better half Pushpa took a legal money earning business opportunity in 2011 for our future secured income & created a Vision: As we understood very well that “Creating Legacy Income & Joy of Lifestyle”, we educate our known ones how to achieve freedom on Financial, Time & Health. Also how to earn, helping others and fulfill personal Dreams too. Financial Freedom: is explained in two Simple examples. Ex1: In Restaurant menu card if we read from right to left (Price to Food items) and Ex 2: In big toy shop, if you start convincing your kid why not to buy his/her choices (Big price on Tag) then you are not financially free even if you are thinking in high earning slab. Real financial freedom is achieved only by whom not looking/comparing into price tags for any purchases. Time Freedom: is explained in simple as 24X7 controlled by you not by others. Ex: Like only in Sunday 24 Hrs is controlled by you. Health Freedom: is explained in simple as not getting trapped into life style acquired diseases like Diabetics, Cardiac’s, Blood pressure, Obesities, Arthritis etc and spending entire life under control with medicines and restricted foods. Helping others: is explained in simple as first you should not be under need of help from someone else (No debts or EMI’s). As a conclusion “We should not Trace the Money, Money Should Trace us” with this only we can achieve all our Freedoms & Dreams. Whoever ambitious to know about this legal money earning Global Business opportunity can contact us by writing to vkarunamoorthy3@gmail.com with your contact details.



Business Consultant:-

At Karuna & Pushpa

From January 2010 to Present
Business Consultant:- Nutritionist : Giving consultancies for getting out of life style diseases like Diabetes, Obesities, Blood pressure and even Job tensions. By using Phyto Nutirents available through Fruits, vegetables & food supplements. Insurance Consultant: Life/Health/Motor for both LIFE &...
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