Jonnalagadda Jyothi

Jonnalagadda Jyothi

Extempore Speaker on Spiritual Discourses and Proprietor of Jyothimatrimony

Currently employed at Jyothimatrimony


Previous: Osmania University



    - SMT.JONNALAGADDA JYOTHI, is popularly known for her Spiritual and Service to the society through her Matrimonial services. - Smt. Jonnalagadda Jyothi, over the years has performed thousands of marriages. Graduated in Law when she was 28 years, opted to serve people for a cause instead of practicing law. - Since her childhood she has been a clever student with participation in Elocution and Essay writing competitions, apart from her academics. - She has had spiritual thinking as she is ardent follower of Mata DURGA and had given many pravachanas on Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagavatham on various occasions at various places. - She has participated in number of Literary and Cultural Programmes and developed as a Good Speaker to the best of her abilities in vide range of programmes. - She has the ability of speaking on any relevant subject Extempore. - She has been Good Analyst who participated in many Telugu Leading TV Channels like Bhakti TV, HMTV, Vanitha TV, MAHAA TV, NTV, CVR OM Spiritual Channels on various subjects apart from mastery over Social, Cultural, Spiritual and Matrimonial issues. - She has got a CLEAR VISION ON SOCIAL AND MATRIMONIAL ISSUES towards educating PARENTS and their BRIDES AND GROOMS who has no clue about their future prospects.




At Jyothimatrimony

From November 1999 to Present

Osmania University, Hyderabad

Bachelor of Law, Osmania University

From April 1990 to May 1992


  • Expert in Spiritual Discourses
  • Extempore Speaker
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Public speaking
  • Spirituality

Langues parlées

  • Telugu
  • Hindi
  • English

Centres d'intérêt

  • Listening to Spiritual speeches
  • Motivating Students with Spiritual Discourses
  • Pravachanams in Electronic Media
  • Visiting Ancient Temples
  • Writing Articles for Print Media