Harsh Vardhan Daga

Harsh Vardhan Daga

Responsable Marketing- INFINE EXPORTS (Entreprise Indienne qui fabrique les vêt

New Delhi, India

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His background

  • Today
    January 2011

    Director Marketing and Communication.....


    - Communication with International Clients...
    - Study of Export Documentations..
    - Participation in National & International Trade Fairs...
  • Today

    Project Manager

    ▪ Perform market research (primary and secondary) in order to evaluate parameters like market size, market segmentation, for projects spanning various sectors including telecom, nuclear, Mining, Mechanical, Electronics and others.
    ▪ Evaluate and recommend optimum market entry strategies to clients (Strategy planning) through interpretation of trends and deemed estimations.
    ▪ Assist the clients in strategy implementation.
    ▪ Organization of business meetings and accompany French clients to the business meetings during their assessment stage in India.
    ▪ Involved in vendor development including price negotiations and handling quotations.
    ▪ Working in close collaboration with the French Trade Commission and Chambers of Commerce in India for various short and long term projects in diversified and a wide range of sectors.
    ▪ Business networking at various seminars and conferences (in India and Abroad).
    ▪ Representing ADEL (Agence de Developpement Economique du Loiret) in India (a not-for-profit organization that was created under the impetus of the General Council of the Loiret region in France, to identify potential investors from India).
    ▪ Communication with the clients and coordination of projects/activities amongst all the international offices of ALTIOS International (India, China, France, Brazil, USA, Australia, Mexico and Russia).
  • Today

    Marketing Intern

    European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

    ▪ Actively involved in marketing of LINK Program, Program designed for the HR Executives of top European Multinational Companies
    ▪ Communication with the clients ( HR Managers of European Companies & International Institutions)
    ▪ Negotiations of budgets for specific projects with the European Commission.
    ▪ Worked in close collaboration with the Director of Marketing.
    ▪ Assisted the Director of Marketing for the marketing of ASIAN Link Program.
    ▪ Promotion of various events and conferences organized by EFMD.
    ▪ Business networking at various seminars & conferences [Represented EFMD in many seminars organized by the European Commission in Brussels ( BELGIUM) and personally participated & attended conferences on “Entrepreneurship Development” in Barcelona (SPAIN), Amsterdam (NETHERLANDS) and Brussels, Gent & Antwerp ( BELGIUM)].
  • , Mont Saint Aignan

    Mastère spécialisé "Management Financier International"

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His skills

  • Brand Management
  • Networking
  • Negotiations
  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Management
  • International business
  • International
  • Communication
  • Commercial
  • Business networking
  • Business development
  • Business
  • Research

His languages

  • Hindi
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • French

    His hobbies

    &#9642 Sports &#9642 Travelling and Meeting different people &#9642 Awareness about global news

    His keywords

    &#9642Market ResearchBrand Management and Business Development.&#9642Marketing and communication with the clients.&#9642International Business Networking and Commercial Negotiations.

    About him

    I have a masters degree in business management from France with 5 years of Work Experience in Market Research, Marketing and Business Development. Currently working as Director Marketing at INFINE EXPORTS, New Delhi- INDIA- An export house manufacturing ready made ladies & children garments for the European and US Markets.

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