Biswajit Dasgupta

Biswajit Dasgupta

Dy General Manager, KEC INternational

Currently employed at KEC INternational


Previous: Metrolpolitan Institution Kolkata



    I am A hardcore professional from the days when people got totally confused on what was my profession and do i really live in some jungle or small town or do i belong to some sophisticated soceity. Now after years of getting gradually habituated with the sophistications of life like mobile/TV/and of course all prevailing net ; I do not know why I feel nostalgic sometimes for those old hard days when the pojects got finished on time and no excuses were offered for the oft repeated calamities . But on the plus side I must say that advancement of technologies has broaden the mindset and sharpen our expertise and the world gets smaller and smaller for getting the knowledge of diverse and effective technologies and most of all how it brings a change on the innovation I am one for the future but I do belive that past has also something very important to contribute and the amalgamation of the both is the best



  • Completion
  • Management
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Project Management

Centres d'intérêt

  • Outdoor games cricket football
  • Outdoor travel on the off beat route
  • Reading Fictions of selective authors and yes I do Love the satire from Wodehouse and Oscar Wilde. Refeshing your mind and History is also a very interesting subject