Arun Kulkarni

Arun Kulkarni

CEO, Biomax

Currently employed at Biomax


Previous: University Department Of Chemical Technology (UDCT) Mumbai



    I have an experience of over 30 years in Industrial biotechnology in India, Japan and Europe. I have a flair for training. Also for trouble shooting in the business development for SME. I enjoy writing motivational notes and helping people with personality development. I am a member of a number of Professional Associations such as Biotech Consortium of India Ltd. ACBI (Full Member of AFCC), Assoc. of Microbiol of India, Hosp. Infection Soc.(Affiliate of HIS, USA), Assoc. of Practicing Biochemists, Textile Assoc.etc I am also an alumnus of UICT, MD College, McGrath Institute For Leadership Training. I have Techno-commercial experience of over 30 years in various sectors. * Started as a Laboratory Technologies during Masters Degree course. * Took up project for Bio-remediation for Doctoral project. * Joined Boehringer Mannheim for marketing of instruments and reagents. * Took up post doctoral project for down stream processing for enzyme production for Sankyo, in Ehime University, Japan. * Launched the Bio-products Division of UNI-UCB the Indian collaborators of UCB, Belgium. * Joined Indian associate of Pall corporation USA as the GM marketing and effected turn around of the loss making unit to a flagship company of the group. I stated my career in Laboratory Medicine, went on to fermentation technology, down stream processing, enzyme technology, Filtration and Separation technology, Environment sciences. Laboratory Medicine: During the course of career I managed laboratory for a burns ward, commissioned a guest Laboratory for demonstration of Lab instruments for Boehringer Mannheim. Commissioned the Bio-products division for UNI-UCB for sterile and non-sterile products. Fermentation Technology Down stream processing and Environment Sciences: For Doctoral project, worked on bio-remediation of industrial effluents, developed process for hydrocarbon Fermentation and down stream processing. Down stream processing and Enzyme Technology: For post doctoral project worked on down stream processing for recovery of enzymes and their applications for Sankyo Ltd, Japan. Filtration and separation Technology: Handled marketing and technical services for Pall corporation in Indian market as the General Manager Marketing for the Indian subsidiary. Successfully converted a loss-making company in to the flagship company of the group. Reach the market leadership position in just 2 years after joining. I have passed the Lead auditor's training course conducted by BSI for ISO 9001:2008 and am on the panel of external consultants.




At Biomax


University Department Of Chemical Technology (UDCT) Mumbai, Mumbai

Biochemistry., University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT) Mumbai

From 1976 to 1981
Completed a project on Bio-remediation of industrial waste on a project sponsored by Dept. of Atomic Energy. Also worked on salicylic acid fermentation, metabolic pathways, enzymes, etc. Submitted thesis for Ph.D. covering and linking both projects.


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  • ISO 9001:2008
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  • Badminton
  • I love to watch Lawn Tennis
  • foot ball and cricket matches. I prefer to see light or comedy movies. Same about books/novels. I enjoy net working with people from various professions and also traveling.