Amar Pandey

Amar Pandey

Development and Management Consultant

Currently employed at STRIDE, Lucknow, India

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    I am an honest, sincere, committed and concerned person in my personal and professional life, value humility and humane approach, and enjoy the company of positive persons and free thinkers. I am of the view that every thing in this world is a great source of knowledge and the nature and extent of our own knowledge depends on our own individual and collective focus and learning capacity to acquire the same. Education enables us to acquire knowledge and skills but our attitude and value system determine the nature and extent of their applications. It is also true that even an unlettered person can have a lot of wisdom while even a great scholar may be an idiot. To forgive and forget are some of the greatest virtues of life. These are only my personal perceptions about the life and world I know, and they have been the broad guidelines of my life I have lived so far. However, they might be peculiar to me as I have lived quite a humble life, and therefore, they can not be generalized for the people at large. As for my professional side is concerned, my works, experience and expertise have been in the academic arena and I am quite at ease in conceptualizing, designing, organizing, coordinating, executing, and monitoring research studies and capacity building programs ( including training programs, workshops and seminars) on my own as well as with the help of cspecifi teams of professionals constituted for the purpose. I enjoy designing course modules and teaching as well in the areas of my specialization. I have authored books, reports, book chapters, papers and articles on a variety of themes. I am a Post Graduate in social science from JNU, New Delhi with an experience of over 30 years in research, training, and teaching in the areas of micro and small enterprises, development banking, entrepreneurship development, industrial development, and small business management, investment friendly climate and WTO etc I have done academic administration at the institutional level for about a decade. Also, I have handled the over all administration ( comprising general, financial, and personnel) of the institute for four years,


Development and Management Consultant

At STRIDE, Lucknow, India

From September 2012 to Present

Faculty Member

At Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, UP, Lucknow

From November 1989 to August 2012
Academic Coordiation and Management Support as a key member of the Institute. I completed 20 research and consultancy projects, contributed and published a number of research papers, book chapters, and articles on different themes,. designed 40 types of training programs (TPs), executed 400 TPs,...
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R, Asst, R. Assoct., and G. Faculty

At Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

From May 1981 to November 1989
Carried out four Research Studies, Taught PGP and Fellow Program Students, and Organised two major Seminars. Taught Industrial Development to the Post Graduate and Fellow-Program students for three years. Study on Small Industry Under District Credit Plan(DCP) This was national level study for...
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Institute For Social And Economic Change,Bangalore, Bangalore

Pre Ph. D. Course , Institute For Social And Economic Change,Bangalore

From August 1977 to June 1978
Institute For Social And Economic Change - Research Methodology and Quantitative Techniques

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Master of Arts, Jawaharlal Nehru University

From July 1974 to June 1976
Reginoal Development, Social Science - The course was completely an interdisciplinary one, and it comprised all the major disciplines of social science including economics, statistics, and cartography, plus Geo sciences .and Ecology.